Here’s How Bots Can Make Elon Musk Terminate a Whopping $44 Billion Deal with Twitter!


It’s only been a few months since Elon Musk claimed to freeze a Twitter deal that could change the face of civilization. However, the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter out seems to be on shaky grounds with Elon’s belief of its bot count being very high. According to Elon, Twitter has more than 20% or higher bots or fake accounts.

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Outdated Android Apps to be Blocked by Google

Outdated Android Apps to be Blocked by Google

The new Play Store policies put in place by Google will clamp down on the Android applications that are not updated or are outdated. To avoid this, all applications in the Play Store have to achieve an API level that falls within 2 years of the most recent version of the Android release. In case the apps fail to comply with new policies, they will be unavailable for installation, download or discovery.Read More

3 App Development Trends to Take on the Pandemic in 2022

app development trends 2022

The Pandemic shows no sign of abating with new variants like Omicron keeping the healthcare sector busy. Along with the health industry, almost all other industries are facing transformations with digital changes and challenges coming their way. For instance, the app development sector is burdened with client demands of no-code, low-code, remote working and automated coding features.Read More