MetaVerse – What is it Exactly?


The term metaverse was recently used by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of the popular social media platform, Facebook. Ever since there has been a lot of buzz around it. Why is Facebook calling metaverse the‘future’? Why is there confusion regarding what metaverse can do to change the social media world? Read on to know how Facebook is fast-selling and promoting the idea of the metaverse.

The Meaning of Metaverse

Broadly speaking, the meaning of the word metaverse can be matched with that of cyberspace or technology interactions. It encompasses different technologies including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). For instance, the different aspects of Facebook and its virtual worlds (including videos, games, telephony animations, graphics and other popular features) can be referred to as the metaverse.

  • It envisions an innovative type of automated economy where users can buy, sell or rent goods and services.
  • The cross-platform compatibility of metaverse allows users to take virtual items across different platforms.
  • Along with providing more security layers and physical data centers, metaverse helps users buy things, socialize, play games, learn and doing the entire gamut of things that technology supports.

Overall, metaverse seems to be creating the digital infrastructure that’s capable of creating a smarter and functional digital world, close enough but not similar to our physical lives. So far, there is no singular meaning or a set of rules to define this term that is being widely used and propagated by Facebook.

What’s Special About the Metaverse?

Just like the Internet, the metaverse had started with a long list of technological innovations, For example:

  • Different building blocks create its existence, for example, metaverse has the potential to host several people under a singular server instance.
  • It boasts of the motion tracking tool wherein it is possible to differentiate between where a person’s hands are and where he is looking; such technologies are future-oriented and very exciting.

Are There Any Limitations?

Metaverse is facing certain limitations with how it intends to make users interact with it in future. For instance, heavy VR sets are unknown to cause motion sickness, pain and other problems. The same problems arise with the AR glasses and other tools used by some platforms powered by metaverse.

Way Forward

You may want to reach out to our experts at ROI Software Solutions to understand how to overcome the challenges posed by metaverse. Brainstorm with them to understand the use of VR in AR and how to interconnect your applications and platforms. Connect early to take your business to the next level with the different aspects of metaverse.