Wartime Apps Development in Ukraine – Ukrainian App Developers

Wartime Apps Development in Ukraine – Ukrainian App

Ever since the war broke out in Ukraine, IT companies have not been idle. Rather, they have stood up against current adversities and helped secure the civilian population in the best manner possible. They developed useful apps to provide support to the civilian community shattered by the war.Read More

Cloud Versus Web Applications – Benefits and Differences


Fast-paced, feature-rich and user-friendly applications are in high demand. Companies belonging to most industry verticals are readily investing in apps with the latest features and functionality to remain in the race. Applications with robust infrastructure, an easily navigable user interface, and hassle-free customization have become indispensable to deal with the competition. Read More

Here’s How Bots Can Make Elon Musk Terminate a Whopping $44 Billion Deal with Twitter!


It’s only been a few months since Elon Musk claimed to freeze a Twitter deal that could change the face of civilization. However, the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter out seems to be on shaky grounds with Elon’s belief of its bot count being very high. According to Elon, Twitter has more than 20% or higher bots or fake accounts.

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