How is Web Application Vulnerability Challenging Cybersecurity

How is Web Application Vulnerability Challenging Cybersecurity

According to a recent Survey, web application vulnerabilities are fast becoming an integral part of software and app releases. Almost every day, new cybersecurity threats are emerging and impacting the automation and escalation goals of companies globally. In this situation, a vast majority of next- gen organizations are implementing more  alert signals and red flags as a standard part of their operational procedures. They are embracing better and more secure methods to heighten their web application security strategies in 2023.

Read on to know how the Invicti AppSec Indicator has once again joined hands with Wake field Research for its latest edition to highlight web app vulnerabilities.

The Scenario

According to the results of the Survey, almost 75 per cent companies are consistently or frequently releasing software editions that possess hidden vulnerabilities. Alarming and of high concern, the supporting evidences show that exploitable security defects are being allowed to slip past alert overloads. On the positive side, the data published in the report depicts that organizations are also acknowledging the shortcomings in their security goals to get their enterprise security posture more streamlined and under stringent control. They are addressing new budgets and taking positive steps to encourage futuristic dynamic application security testing (DAST).

The problem is that most companies succumb to the pressure to release apps, software and new versions along the lines of stringent timelines. In the process, they end up skipping or missing out on important security issues. Resultantly, they release their software versions without addressing all the known and unknown vulnerabilities that may be present. Business demands override routine application security measures, leading to increased cybersecurity threats in the form of vulnerable application and software releases.

It is concerning to witness over 66 percent of the organizations grappling with application security issues that further impacts their app development and release schedules and plans. In most cases, tight release schedules, lack of skillsets, and inadequate tools or capabilities are responsible for the cybersecurity challenges coming in the way of software releases. Addressing vulnerabilities, in their entirety, does not rank as high priority for these organizations as they are keen to meet their development goals.

The Report throws light on how the signals and alerts generated by inferior-quality security reports is a primary reason for the reduced confidence in the application security processes, such as those followed by existing systems.

Way Forward

The Development professionals at R.O.I. Software Solutions are adept at dealing with web app vulnerabilities that can lead to serious and irreversible security threats. They are aware of how false positives and the wrong responses are becoming an integral and permanent part of vulnerability reports. You may want to discuss your unaddressed and exploitable vulnerabilities with them to understand the real dangers and how to handle them.

Do not delay any further. Get on top of the critical and multiple vulnerabilities endangering your cybersecurity measures with the right initiatives, today.