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How has COVID-19 Pushed the Button on E-Commerce and Digital Turning Points?

(Here’s how Covid-19 has changed the digital and e-commerce sectors even as cases surge worldwide)

The e-commerce and digital sectors have witnessed unprecedented growth because of the Pandemic. Several digital transformations have come to the front in 2020 and beyond with businesses going online, e-commerce activities surging like never before, and consumers using the web to get what they want. Read More

E-commerce Industry Needs to Fix Core Web Vitals in the Next Two Months


E-commerce Industry Needs to Fix Core Web Vitals in the Next Two Months

Are you a part of the e-commerce industry? If yes, have you taken note of the new algorithms for Page Experience Update released by Google? E-commerce companies rushing to update themselves to get the most relevant spots on search results. Here’s what software experts and marketers are talking about the newly-announced Core Web Vitals. Read More

WhatsApp Bows Down To Facebook

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WhatsApp is the best platform to stay in connection with friends and relatives. Regular updates are available about the mobile application to offer new options and features. Recently, WhatsApp has been reaping the whirlwind since the publication of it’s new terms of service. The user data in WhatsApp is now under the control of its owner, Facebook. Some users are bothered about it, and others do not have a problem. The current trend from uncomfortable users is for shifting to an alternative messaging application.

Signal: An alternative application is more secure in comparison to WhatsApp. The application has been on top of the Google and Apple app store charts recently and gaining incredible attention from messaging users in the last few days. Signal’s end-to-end encryption is its big feature. That’s why so many people are starting to use Signal—because they’re concerned about privacy.

Signal is not owned by any big company, and it is fully funded by donations. Any conversation on Signal is fully encrypted ; this means even Signal itself cannot know what is transpiring between you and your friends.  Due to the privacy issues in WhatsApp new terms of service , there is a shifting to demand for using Signal for messaging.


WhatsApp new terms and policies are not acceptable to many of its users. The owner of Facebook and WhatsApp is the same, and is changing it’s privacy terms. This is converting many of it’s users over to Signal.

Best Subscription Workout Apps That Give You An Authentic Gym Experience

Best Subscription Workout Apps That Give You An Authentic Gym Experience

Social distancing norms have resulted in communal activities and caused some businesses such movie theaters, clubs, and gyms to literally close down indefinitely. Even though some places are opening up and starting their business again, the level of activity is nowhere near what it used to be. Most people prefer to stay indoors and find alternatives to in person activities.Read More

2020 Sees Record High In-App Downloads And Purchases


App Annie’s End Of Year report has disclosed that by the end of 2020, there will have been 130 billion app downloads between Google Playstore and iOS in the year. At the same time, consumer spending will have gone up to $112 billion for the year. Both the statistics have shown immense growth at the rates of 10% and 25% year-over-year respectively. While growth was expected due to the emergence of new markets owing to the increasing digitization of populations across the world, this year was a different story. The changing needs of people fueled the impetus for such an unprecedented rise in mobile usage amidst the pandemic. It is estimated that the progress in this year alone equals the growth that was expected to happen in 2-3 years.

Not surprisingly, games led the most downloaded category across both the Apple app store and Google Playstore, with a 40% rise compared to 2019. 45% of all downloads on the Google Playstore was attributed to games, which corresponded to a 5% year-over-year increase. However, the numbers remained steady at the Apple store at 30%. Game downloads accounted for $0.71 spend per dollar for Apple and Google Play together. The app categories that saw the most increase in usage were video streaming, games, finance, shopping, and social networking and messaging apps. However, the highest proliferation was observed in the use of business apps – an overwhelming 200%.

Another noticeable fact was that Google Play downloads exceeded Apple ones by 160%, which is credited to the expansion of the Android market to more demographic categories. For every dollar spent on apps ; 65 cents was used to buy Apple apps, but Google Play spending was poised to rise by nearly 30%, following the same direction as past years. Moreover, while the US, South Korea, and Germany contributed the most to the growth of Google Play, the US, Japan, and the UK were still the best-performing markets for Apple.


Food Delivery Apps Are Turning Out To Be The Bane-In-Disguise For Restaurants

Food Delivery Apps

Ever since the pandemic set in at the beginning of 2020, the luxury industry has faced nothing short of a life-sapping crisis. One of the worst-hit sectors was the restaurant business. With stringent restrictions placed on  indoor dining, which represented an overwhelming majority of their revenue inflow, most dining places turned to online delivery options to keep themselves afloat. It was but natural that food delivery apps would enter the stage as the messiah to these limping eateries. Read More