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The TOP Benefits of a Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Business

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Along with how we live, purchase, behave and transact, it dominates how the global audience shops these days. Additionally, the advent of mobile app technology has fueled the ecommerce industry like never before. Many more companies are now shifting gears and selling their products and services online.Read More

Know Why Mental Health Apps are the Right Way to Go in 2021

(Find more peace of mind with these top mental health apps. Read about the importance, benefits and impact of the best mental health apps and programs for your smartphone.)

The Pandemic has taken a toll on one and all. The need of the hour is to get easy access to programs that can impact the emotional and mental health of people and help them meet today’s challenges.  Fortunately, mental health apps users are showing a phenomenal increase in motivation, intention, confidence, and attitudes with respect to their emotional and mental states of mind.Read More

Top Cryptocurrency Apps That You Cannot Do Without

(You will like the features and functions of the best cryptocurrency apps. Gear up to enjoy optimum results on these top crypto trading sites.)

Are you looking for easier modes of buying, selling and holding cryptocurrencies? Are you tired of working from one place and wish to transact on the go? These top cryptocurrency apps will help you trade from anywhere as they are mobile-friendly. Packed with impressive features and benefits, they are the best crypto websites and applications you can think of. Take a look.Read More

How has COVID-19 Pushed the Button on E-Commerce and Digital Turning Points?

(Here’s how Covid-19 has changed the digital and e-commerce sectors even as cases surge worldwide)

The e-commerce and digital sectors have witnessed unprecedented growth because of the Pandemic. Several digital transformations have come to the front in 2020 and beyond with businesses going online, e-commerce activities surging like never before, and consumers using the web to get what they want. Read More

E-commerce Industry Needs to Fix Core Web Vitals in the Next Two Months


E-commerce Industry Needs to Fix Core Web Vitals in the Next Two Months

Are you a part of the e-commerce industry? If yes, have you taken note of the new algorithms for Page Experience Update released by Google? E-commerce companies rushing to update themselves to get the most relevant spots on search results. Here’s what software experts and marketers are talking about the newly-announced Core Web Vitals. Read More

WhatsApp Bows Down To Facebook

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WhatsApp is the best platform to stay in connection with friends and relatives. Regular updates are available about the mobile application to offer new options and features. Recently, WhatsApp has been reaping the whirlwind since the publication of it’s new terms of service. The user data in WhatsApp is now under the control of its owner, Facebook. Some users are bothered about it, and others do not have a problem. The current trend from uncomfortable users is for shifting to an alternative messaging application.

Signal: An alternative application is more secure in comparison to WhatsApp. The application has been on top of the Google and Apple app store charts recently and gaining incredible attention from messaging users in the last few days. Signal’s end-to-end encryption is its big feature. That’s why so many people are starting to use Signal—because they’re concerned about privacy.

Signal is not owned by any big company, and it is fully funded by donations. Any conversation on Signal is fully encrypted ; this means even Signal itself cannot know what is transpiring between you and your friends.  Due to the privacy issues in WhatsApp new terms of service , there is a shifting to demand for using Signal for messaging.


WhatsApp new terms and policies are not acceptable to many of its users. The owner of Facebook and WhatsApp is the same, and is changing it’s privacy terms. This is converting many of it’s users over to Signal.