Some Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Some Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

The advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have impacted businesses and individuals like no other. Globally, companies are investing in the latest AI tools and solutions to accelerate their digital transformation strategies. From the collection of data to their processing and analysis, AI has contributed in a big way to insights-based decision making. The tsunami of data produced by machines has become almost impossible to handle without the help of AI.

While a lot has already been written about the powers and benefits of AI, there are some drawbacks that need a mention.

Disadvantages of Depending on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Laziness sets in

Over reliance on computing tools, digital assistants, bots, robotic functions and AI has a strong chance of making human mind lazy. Simple calculations, retrieval of addresses and other small pieces of information has become a task for most. This, in turn, has impacted the natural analysis and memorization skills of humans.

  • Increase in overall costs

Expensive to implement and maintain, AI frameworks need high investments in terms of software and hardware. More so, in-house AI teams have to be trained for the correct utilization of AI systems.

  • Unemployment has Increased

Most manual and repetitive tasks have been replaced by AI. While this situation is advantageous for businesses, it has escalated the rate of unemployment. In future, it is expected that most conventional tasks and job profiles will be completely replaced by AI, thereby leaving many more unemployed.

  • Creativeness may Decrease

The possibility of creative tasks becoming less attractive because of algorithm based predictions and interventions is high. For instance, in the field of content management, AI systems fail to generate highly creative content based on innovative and unique concepts. They may draw upon the experiences or inputs of humans, but not in the same manner.

  • Implementation of Ethics Becomes Difficult

AI systems find it tough to feel or replicate human emotions. Therefore, the incorporation of morality and ethics becomes an almost impossible task with AI tools and systems. Fortunately, certain advanced AI tools are capable of implementing the awareness of self-awareness, mindfulness, etc. to implement ethical approaches and behavior.

Way Forward

Balanced use of AI can lead to faster and more sustainable use of AI to promote advancements and changes. At ROI Software Solutions, our AI specialists have the right means and methods to bring about the desired changes in a beneficial and cost- effective way. Reach out to them to get your AI needs fulfilled, today.