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Can Apps Manage Chronic Health Conditions?

Can Apps Manage Chronic Health Conditions

Mobile devices are capable of managing almost all types of electronic transactions, including those related to health care. The latest digital technologies have the potential to create specialized apps that are fit to manage chronic disease management. They are no longer restricted to conventional healthcare mobile applications for health care units and patients alone!Read More

Do you Own a Startup Business? Here’s Why You Need Beneficiary Mobile Application Marketing Services

Beneficiary Mobile Application Marketing Services

In all probability, you wish to transform your business into a raving success story. At ROI Software Solution, we are ready to help with the best beneficiary mobile app consultation, planning, designs, strategies, development and marketing solutions. As business startup specialists, we know how important it is for you to promote your ideas, products and services. We can take your startup to the next level with our high-quality tailor-made apps.

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Top Supply Chain Challenges in E-Commerce

Top Supply Chain Challenges in E-Commerce

In 2021, SMEs and small businesses are facing common eCommerce challenges in supply chain management. This is because supply chains have undergone drastic changes in recent times. The way e-commerce giants move goods from their warehouse to consumers have put small e-retailers at a disadvantage. The following supply challenges are coming in the way of their operations and preventing them from being competitive.Read More

Latest Web Development Trends that You Should Know About in 2021


Latest Web Development Trends that You Should Know About in 2021

Web development processes have undergone a complete overhaul in 2021. Every day, there are new web development tools and technologies that are setting new trends in supply chain management. Here, we intend to throw light on recent trends in website development that are expected to gain more popularity as 2021 progresses. Take a look. Read More

The TOP Benefits of a Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Business

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Along with how we live, purchase, behave and transact, it dominates how the global audience shops these days. Additionally, the advent of mobile app technology has fueled the ecommerce industry like never before. Many more companies are now shifting gears and selling their products and services online.Read More

New Apple Privacy Settings RequireApps to Ask for Data

Do you know why the latest iPhone update – iOS 14.5 – is making a buzz? This update is expected to introduce different features that will make customers have more enjoyable screen time. For instance, Apple Watch users will be able to experience better Face ID unlocking, despite wearing their masks. The update will also introduce better support for PS5 and new emojis. If you are wondering whether Xbox Series X controllers will be impacted then you are right. This update will enhance the experiences for Xbox Series users as well!Read More