Cloud Versus Web Applications – Benefits and Differences


Fast-paced, feature-rich and user-friendly applications are in high demand. Companies belonging to most industry verticals are readily investing in apps with the latest features and functionality to remain in the race. Applications with robust infrastructure, an easily navigable user interface, and hassle-free customization have become indispensable to deal with the competition.

The challenge lies in understanding the benefits and differences between cloud and web applications before investing in the right one.

What are Web Applications?

Web apps are simple or complex software programs that can run on web browsers. They have easily navigable interfaces that are useful for user interactions. Built with the help of coding languages like HTML, PHP and Java, these applications need a strong Internet connection to work with. The main components of web applications are a server, a database and a user. Users may interact with the app with the help of web UIs or interfaces.

The Advantages of Using Web Applications

The benefits of installing and using web apps are many:

  • They offer secure and compatible features that can be used across cross and multiple platforms.
  • They can function on all OS and browser types including Linux, Windows and Mac IOs.
  • The data connected with web apps are securely stored on remote databases and web servers. This provides for easy and hassle-free app management.

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Cloud Applications

Cloud apps do not require a computer hard disk or drive to function. They use robust and secure cloud environments for data storage or accessibility. Cloud apps can perform offline and use cached data for their functioning. They are not dependent on web browsers. Users can store their data in the cloud and rely on secure backups. Cloud apps are cost-effective and consume very less space as they are stored on the cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of Cloud Application – Public, Private and Hybrid

The many benefits of investing in cloud applications include:

  • Reduced costs, scalable cloud spaces and secure cloud infrastructure.
  • Users have to pay only for the features they use.
  • Preferred by organizations for their easy data sharing, editing and synchronization capabilities.
  • They can be readily accessed from remote locations, thereby facilitating work on the go.


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