Contactless ordering has been virtually a must-have for restaurants

Contactless ordering has been virtually a must-have for restaurants

Post-Corona every industry is coming up with ideas where they can offer physical contactless services. It is the need of an hour to offer contactless services in restaurants as well. Obeying a few rules and taking proper precautions will help you stay ahead of your competitors and allows you to deal with this crisis successfully.

So let’s have a look on how to make your restaurant contactless:

  • Take away and home delivery:

Give maximum preference to the take away orders and home deliveries as there is a less chance of having any physical contact.

  • Dine-in:

Give your customers a contactless dine in experience by providing them with the facility to order online and to pay online. Also you can have a self-service option to reduce any sort of physical contact.   

  • QR code:

QR code will allow you to take an order online while the customer is present in the restaurant.

  • Online ordering:

Allow your customers to order their favorite meal online with a mobile app. This allows customers to either take away orders or home deliveries.

  • URL:

A URL link to the restaurant will create an awareness about your restaurant and also will allow the customers to know about the price range and menu.

  • Safety measures:

Create confidence in customers by showing how well sanitized your place is and how well you take all the safety measures.

  • Digital payments:

Make sure your application supports all types of payments such as Google Pay , Apple wallet, Net banking, credit/debit card etc…

This allows you to create as much as possible a virtual restaurant experience.