Crucial things companies often forget when building mobile apps

Crucial things companies often forget when building mobile apps

Mobile usage is growing by leaps and bounds, be it surfing the web or ordering groceries and doing shopping.  Its usage is the most convenient and saves a lot of time and energy. Perhaps that is the reason why more and more businesses now prefer to have their own mobile app.

But in the rat race of having a mobile app, people often make some mistakes that leads to the app failure in the market. Let’s have a look:

  • Simplicity:

The basic idea of having an app is to simplify the things for users. Do not over complicate it by adding lots of unnecessary features. View it from the customer’s perspective and make changes that are necessary from their point of view.

  • Push notifications:

To be able to send notifications to the users is the biggest advantage in mobile apps. But that is also one of the biggest reasons for customers to leave the app. It is important to maintain a balance between sending too less notification and sending it till the user gets annoyed and leaves the app.

  • Accessibility:

Accessibility is the most important and also the most underrated thing in the mobile app. You cannot afford to give an afterthought to the accessibility as it will require a lot of rework and functioning.

  • Forgot password option:

It is not possible to remember the password of all the accounts, especially the ones that you don’t use on a regular basis. So, it is important for an app to have the “forgot password” link to set it right.

  • Permission requirement:

When an user opens an app they are bombarded with all sorts of permission requests such as permission to use location, permission to access to contacts etc. This gives a negative image and so it is best to ask for all the permission in the user interface.