Cybersecurity Risks and Work from Home – The New Normal in 2022

2021 Seems No Better Than 2020 for APIs Security Breaches

Various continuing issues triggered by the Pandemic has made Work from Home (WFH) a reality for organizations in all industry verticals. The more agile and future-ready organizations are reducing their fixed capital costs in office rent, electricity, real estate, in-house IT infrastructure, etc. In a way, WFH has come as a boon for these companies as they are cutting down costs and hiring the best talent from any geographical location.

However, the remote work has brought forth some major problems. We all know how Covid-19 harshly impacted businesses when they were unprepared. Almost all businesses were not ready for remote working, either culturally or on the infrastructure level. Their policies and IT capabilities were not geared for making the IT or regular staff work from home.

For instance, very few companies had updated cybersecurity policies in place. This left them, and their hastily adopted remote work environments, vulnerable to malware and other cyberattacks. Across the last two years, several organizations faced malicious email attacks and cyberattack attempts. The losses and downtime caused by such attacks compelled the newly remote companies to invest in the best solutions for their cybersecurity issues.

Primary Cybersecurity Issues

Globally, organizations were left grappling with:

  • Lack of tools, policies and cultural directives.
  • No updated continuity plans to face new emergencies.
  • Absence of enterprise cybersecurity tools, devices and methods to safeguard critical data and networks.
  • Weak entry points and network boundaries in the employee’s home network.
  • Lack of cybersecurity knowledge and practices, etc.

Solutions for Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures

To combat the current issues, ROI Software Solutions experts recommend the following solutions for companies facing problems with cybersecurity as they continue to work from home.

  • Expansion of the cybersecurity toolset to validate the safety of home networks.
  • More scalable and robust stand-alone and cybersecurity intelligence tools.
  • A clearer vision of the employee and organization networks.
  • Effective and consistent use of cybersecurity tools.
  • Holistic linking of cybersecurity policies across the organization for secure and robust benefits.

If you are in the same boat then get in touch with the cybersecurity services at ROI Software Solutions to secure your WFH activities. Right away!