Here’s How Bots Can Make Elon Musk Terminate a Whopping $44 Billion Deal with Twitter!


It’s only been a few months since Elon Musk claimed to freeze a Twitter deal that could change the face of civilization. However, the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter out seems to be on shaky grounds with Elon’s belief of its bot count being very high. According to Elon, Twitter has more than 20% or higher bots or fake accounts.

So, what exactly are these bots and why does Elon care about them so much? If he doesso, should we?

What are These Bots?

Bots are automated software programs that can perform certain actions or tasks under the name of an authentic Twitter user. The user may be an organization, another company or an individual. In most cases, bots are used by fraudulent marketers or spammers. Bot accounts are capable of blocking people as soon as they are observed but most of them work inconspicuously.

In simple words, fake accounts on any social media platform including Twitter matters a lot. These fake accounts or bots have the potential to spread a lot of misinformation, make elections lopsided or trigger conflict.

Why is Elon Prepared to Call off the Twitter Deal?

According to a spokesperson at Twitter, the social media giant has over 229 million daily active users across the globe; they are monetizable. And this is the exact reason why Elon may stop the deal of buying out Twitter at 44 billion dollars. He believes that his investments in any social network should bring in users that click ads and foster purchases, else they are not profitable for him. This is exactly why the presence of over 20 per cent bots in the Twitter count is bothering Musk’s earlier purchase decision.

Reasons Why Bots Can be Harmful to Elon Musk

The problem of bots showcased by Twitter is not at all new. In the year 2018, Twitter hosted a fake account in the name of Elon Musk that led to a big scam; thousands of his followers were robbed of crypto cash because of the fake account and the bots it carried.

Why Should Bots be Tracked?

The experts dealing with bots at ROISS inform that:

  • The bots on Twitter can follow people following a specific user
  • Retweet content without prior permission
  • Send messages to groups, organizations and users directly
  • Generate fake likes and comments, spurious followers, and incorrect trends.

Overall, bots are capable of taking over the entire system and are very difficult to track, contain or combat. However, not all bots are harmful and some of them are quite helpful for their users. Reach out to our experts at ROI Software Solutions to understand the nature of bots on Twitter and other social media platforms and get the best results. Today.