Here’s What Mobile Users are Spending on Apps and Games in 2022

Here’s What Mobile Users are Spending on Apps and Games in 2022

The smartphone arena is expanding by leaps and bounds. Every day, new games and applications are being launched to meet changing customer requirements and behavior. Globally, mobile users are spending millions of dollars on apps and gaming experiences for the App Store and Google Play alike.

As per recent reports by Burga, the spend on App Store in 2021 ranked the highest at $85.1 billion. $47.9 billion were spent on Google Play mobile games and apps. This translates to a whopping $11 billion monthly spend on online apps and games!

This collective spending shows how Android and Apple games and apps are on the roll. Read on to know how the game and mobile app downloads are expected to surpass these attractive figures in 2022.

Mobile App Development – Why is it Important?

With more and more users shifting to mobile games and apps, the time is ripe to invest in new gaming and app development technologies. It’s evident that organizations that have managed to leverage the benefits of mobile technology are far ahead of others in the race.

According to experts in mobile application development at ROISS, “there was a steady increase of downloads in 2021. The rise was approximately .50% more than the figures of 142.9 billion in 2020.”

These figures are inspiring businesses to invest in user-friendly, easily-navigable apps and games. Gaming companies and other business houses are riding the high waves of mobile app downloads to reap rich returns. The growing use of mobiles in the day-to-day running of businesses has brought forth new ways of offering services through wireless devices.

Way Forward

Futuristic companies in the banking, insurance or investment space are providing better user experiences to their clients through smartphone penetration. The extra convenience provided through apps has increased their revenues and customer retention metrics manifold. The spending and downloads trends are here to stay and will dominate the future.

Increase your ROI with the mobile app and games development team at ROISS. They will help you explore what’s in store for your business in 2022.