How is Social Media Impacting Customer Services Effectively?

Ever since the pandemic struck hard in 2020, businesses are moving online to meet the rising demands of effective customer service. They are investing in social media customer services tools to resolve the concerns and queries of their customers in more hassle-free ways. To enable this, brands and businesses are using social media to help their customers reach out to them via the platforms of their choice.

Did you know that over a billion-plus messages are exchanged between businesses and people, each month, on Facebook Messenger? You may be surprised to note that 64% of consumers prefer sending messages to businesses on social media platforms, rather than calling them directly. Also, 59% of brand responses are in the form of user Tweets that take place within 15 minutes!

Given these encouraging stats, it is no small wonder that businesses are investing innew social media linked customer service solutions to fuel their future business strategies.

Tips to Enjoy Effective Customer Services Through Social Media

Organizations using social media to enhance customer support and services are:

  • Setting up separate accounts and dedicated handles for quick rehearsals of client queries and complaints.
  • Tracking and monitoring any comments or discussions on social media about their brand to ensure timely customer service responses
  • Designing new social media guidelines to align with company policies and values, response times, FAQs, escalation of customer issues and permission management systems.
  • Creating easily-available information resources on social media channels for the frequently asked questions or concerns.
  • Chalking out new ways of increasing customer engagements, recommending products and services or enhancing user experiences through commonly used social media channels.
  • Programming AI-powered chatbots to answer simple and regular support queries and conversations with the help of automated message distribution, etc.

Way Forward

Get ready to track, monitor and manage all customer queries and improve customer satisfaction without losing any more time. You may want to reach out to the social media customer services developers at R.O.I Software Services to impact customer services positively. They can provide ready solutions for direct messaging on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Ask for social listening solutions to track relevant brand keywords ordevelopfast customer responses for better social customer support experiences.