Outdated Android Apps to be Blocked by Google

Outdated Android Apps to be Blocked by Google

The new Play Store policies put in place by Google will clamp down on the Android applications that are not updated or are outdated. To avoid this, all applications in the Play Store have to achieve an API level that falls within 2 years of the most recent version of the Android release. In case the apps fail to comply with new policies, they will be unavailable for installation, download or discovery.

The idea behind blocking outdated apps is to stop users from installing any app that does not have the latest Google protection. These changes will be enforced from November 1, 2022.

Need for New Google Play Store Policies

Google requires the latest app updates and apps to adhere to the API levels recommended by Android. However, the new policy changes are for apps that are already present on Google Play but are not up-to-date. According to an Android app development specialist at ROI Software Solutions, If the user has an old device, then Google will continue finding and re-installing the app. The app can be run on any Android OS device supporting the app.

Revenue Criteria in Applications

Android applications follow the revenue criteria as per Google requirements. With over 2.87 million applications present in the Play Store, a lot more attention needs to be given to certain apps. These applications have to be treated differently. For others, developers can deploy easily accessible resources to gather information and upgrade to their latest versions.

New Google Play Security Measures

As per Android app developers at ROI Software Solutions, from November 2022 onwards, the new Google policies will make it difficult for users to install the apps without new security updates on devices having the latest Android versions. Most Android apps have undergone security updates, as released by Google, in the past few years. The most significant of these security measures were launched in 2017 to zero in on fraudulent applications.

Are your Android Apps Updated?

Google’s Machine-Learning enabled platform protection system was designed to handle user privacy violations and security risks. Currently, you require new app updates and apps to reach the desired Android API level. The security requirements have to be in place within one year of the release of the latest Android OS version. Else, users buying Android devices running on Android 12 will not get access to the Play Store apps that were specifically designed for Android 9.

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