Strong Role of Application Security Testing in the Face of Continuous Development


Strong Role of Application Security Testing in the Face of Continuous Development

(The role of application security testing, with advancements in web application security and non-stop development, cannot be ignored.)

Today, software development is being impacted in a big way by the agile approach. This has led to major shifts in the testing methods used by experts in web application security. Application security testing has now become as repetitive and continuous as the integration methods used for app development. This is specifically true for the development needs having several web properties.

Why is Application Security Testing a Must?

With security becoming a critical part of application development, web app developers have to be doubly sure of the danger to organization’s assets. The lags in the activities of SecOps and DevOps slows down the development process and vice versa. Developers are always in a rush to complete the web pages so that they may go live. However, they have to depend on the best security practices put in place by the SecOps so that nothing is compromised.

Given this, individuals and departments find it tough to match targets and complete projects in time. Resultantly they may feel tempted to slow down production or circumvent security to a certain extent.

How Can Automated Security Testing Help Organizations?

Automated security tests take the pressure off testers who are still using manual means to check codes. AST models are useful for the quick and accurate testing of web applications – that too with the effective use of resources and reduced overheads.

Meet DevOps Targets with Automated Security Testing

It’s important to keep running through application development cycles without any delays. New-age interactive application security testing (IAST) solutions can help in bridging the gaps between the concerns raised by the web app security teams and DevOps targets. Invest in good time to track the vulnerability of your applications, identify real risks, and address the issues as per guidelines. Do get in touch with our experts in application security to understand your testing needs, right away.