Top Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2022

Top Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2022

2021 helped businesses secure themselves from various cybersecurity threats as they repositioned themselves during the Pandemic. Unfortunately, the danger of cyber threats is far from over in 2022. Agile companies have already adopted new security blankets. Instead of dropping their guard or being complacent, these companies are further investing in better strategies, policies and technologies to take on future challenges. Seeing them get the edge, the slower companies are tightening their seat belts with a sharp eye on the top predictions for cybersecurity in 2022.

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Cybersecurity Predictions that Can not be Missed

Companies like ROI Software Solutions have the capabilities of handling privilege escalations, phishing attacks, insider threats and data exfiltration with the latest cybersecurity strategies and toolsets. They have the right technology solutions to secure organizations and raise their awareness about cybersecurity.

  • Shortage in cybersecurity talent

The unfilled cybersecurity jobs across the world will continue to rise with the threats of data breaches, ransomware and cyberattacks rising exponentially. Given this, businesses will protect their data and networks proactively with AI and ML-enabled technologies.

  • Massive business disruptions with supply chain cyberattacks

Recently, numerous software supply chains have been targeted by cyberattacks to face massive business disruptions. In future, cybercriminals and less-skilled attackers will try to cross over trusted gates and commoditize their attacks.

  • Re-emergence of cyber insurance

The cyber insurance industry is likely to skyrocket in the ongoing scenario of escalating risks. The premiums for securing the risks of data breaches, cyber incidents and malware attacks are at an all-time high. The need of the hour is to develop and adopt a sound security strategy and ensure timely investments in cyberinsurance.

Final Thoughts

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