Top Supply Chain Challenges in E-Commerce

Top Supply Chain Challenges in E-Commerce

In 2021, SMEs and small businesses are facing common eCommerce challenges in supply chain management. This is because supply chains have undergone drastic changes in recent times. The way e-commerce giants move goods from their warehouse to consumers have put small e-retailers at a disadvantage. The following supply challenges are coming in the way of their operations and preventing them from being competitive.

If you own or run an e-commerce business then itis critical to find solutions to these SCM challenges.

Common Challenges in Supply Chain Management for E-retailers

Companies that are adept in handling supply chains are helping e-retailers focus their efforts on better inventory management. They are ensuring faster delivery timelines for their clients. From accurate demand forecasting to fast order fulfillment, they are doing it all to get small businesses moving in the correct direction.

  • Delays in order fulfillment can add to delivery timelines; this is unacceptable for many consumers.

–  To address this concern, storage containers can be used for more effective inventory organization.

–  Aisles and containers require careful and accurate marking to help employees find the products they are looking for as quickly as possible.

–  It is important to use every inch of warehousing space to reduce the problems of supply chain management for e-commerce businesses.

  • Better, faster and more affordable shipping

Shipping policies can make or break an e-commerce business.  The challenge lies in integrating real-time package tracking, fastest shipping modes, guaranteed deliveries and smooth returns. It makes sense for small businesses to tie up with FedEx, UPS and other reputed third-party carriers to keep their shipping costs low.

  • Automatic retrieval of products

As per supply chain management experts at ROI Software Solutions, small e-businesses should invest in automatic pickers, stockers and other agencies that know how to retrieve items automatically. The act helps in speeding the order fulfillment and delivery processes. You may want to connect with the SCM teams at ROI Software Solutions to iron out the supply chain challenges facing your e-retail business, today.