Wartime Apps Development in Ukraine – Ukrainian App Developers

Wartime Apps Development in Ukraine – Ukrainian App

Ever since the war broke out in Ukraine, IT companies have not been idle. Rather, they have stood up against current adversities and helped secure the civilian population in the best manner possible. They developed useful apps to provide support to the civilian community shattered by the war.

Explore some of the best solutions developed by the app specialists in Ukraine during the war.

  • Air Alert Application

This app is developed by Ajax Systems, the security systems developer, as an initiative of stfalcon.com. The app developers found support from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The Air alert app is compatible with Android and iOS. Among many others, this app signals critical alerts more effectively. It provides instant information about any air alert, chemical attack, airstrike, civil defense alert or any technology-backed catastrophic event. The loud warning-like signal produced by the wartime app provides an instant alert to users from the Ukrainian regional administration. It has proved to be a very helpful tool in the hands of civilians.

  • Play for Ukraine:

This popular online game is the brainchild of app developers belonging to Lviv. It simulates the Russian aggression and the fight put up by Ukrainians. Showing similarity to a popular numerical puzzle by the name of 2048, the Play for Ukraine app is designed to block Russians portals with DDoS attacks. In 60 minutes of game play, a single user may send out over 20000 requests for blocking portals linked to the Russian Army. The simple mechanics exhibited by this app is capable of use by players of all ages, including kids. Even those who have no prior knowledge of weaponry or wars can play the game skillfully.

  • SpyBuster And Together

MacPaw, an app developer of high repute in Ukraine, has recently released an exciting anti-spyware program for macOS users. This app has intelligent features and tools for protecting personal data from cyber attacks by dubious creators in Belarus and Russia. SpyBuster helps users scan their computer drives and detect those apps and programs that are vulnerable to cyber attacks by the enemy. The app also allows users to delete or uninstall the files and apps as desired. With this app, users can determine the servers (in Russia and Belarus) hosting the websites they use. The information can be further used for blocking the programs and sites that pose potential threat.

  • Prykhystok (Shelter)

This useful platform was developed by Ukrainian volunteers to procure accommodation for war-effected victims. The app does not provide information about rental accommodation.  Rather, it supports the cause of war-stricken people by providing them information about shared rooms at affordable or negligible pricing. With this platform, people fleeing war-torn regions can find ready accommodation in safer zones.

The Last Word

The above wartime Ukrainian apps and many others in the same category have proved how technology can be applied for the benefit of war-wrecked nations. Reach out to ROI Software Solutions to understand how Ukrainian app development companies and app developers have inspired many others to use technology for the benefit of mankind.

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