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ChatGPT – Its Impact on New-Age Learning


In recent times, content is developed using videos, images, short animations, audio clips and voice messages aided by the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and techniques. In this scenario, the launch of Chat GPT, an AI-based text content developer, has triggered revolutionary changes in how content can be further researched upon, created and managed in the least possible time. Read More

New Google Home Web Portal to Manage Doorbell and Nest Cam Video Feeds

In recent times, consumer technology has reached its greatest heights. Consumers are doing whatever we want with the help of technology, from anywhere, anytime. This has made life a lot easier for them. However, the reliance on mobile apps to control smart home appliances via Google Home remained a concern.
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How Can Enterprises Prevent Attacks on Their Mobile Applications?

(2)	How Can Enterprises Prevent Attacks on Their Mobile Applications

The flexibility and convenience provided by mobile gadgets during the Covid-19 and Pandemic times has come as a boon for all. However, malware, ransomware and several other types of attacks have added to the security risks for enterprises. Mobile threat vectors are a reality and enterprises are grappling with such attacks, especially those connected with mobile applications.Read More